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Let’s begin with what makes inbound marketing great in general. It draws your target audience to you, so you don’t have to go to them. You become a trusted authority on your subject matter in your market. The concept is simple but there are some key points I see people often overlook.

First and most important to remember when you’re building your inbound marketing campaign is that you need to be continually adding to the content your audience is looking for. Your MSP’s clients are out there right now trying to find ways to make their businesses more efficient for less money.

If you’re not providing them the information they’re looking for, your competition will. Even if they aren’t actively shopping around for your services they are seeing articles, blog posting, and comments on their social media feeds. There’s a good chance you’re reading this right now because you saw it in your LinkedIn news feed. This is how inbound works.. 

Providing great content also means keeping your copy educational and interesting without coming across ‘salesy.’ Inbound gets you noticed, and if you do a good job of it you won’t need to annoy your prospects with endless cold calls and chase the sales - they will come to you.
Once you’re the trusted authority on your subject, in your market, why would your customers go anywhere else? Might they go to your competition based on price? Well no. Price is only an issue in the absence of value. If you’re giving your customers great value based on your service and they truly trust you, price won’t be the deal breaker.
So now you’re ready to break out your blog and show the world how smart you are. But hold on - that’s not all there is. Before you start rambling on about the latest and greatest technology, let’s discuss who’s going to be reading this.

We at Managed Services Platform feel that you should be speaking to the C-level executives who have the authority to buy your services. They probably care about virtualization about as much as they care what brand of light bulbs are in their office (not much). They only care how their business can make more money and expend less doing it.

Let’s make sure we construct our content with that in mind. We’ve ditched the sales pitch, now we’re ditching the tech talk. Here’s a great example:  The MSP 2.0 Service Offering in the 7C IT Management Framework. See how that provides lots of great insight a CEO could be interested in? Did you notice the most important part at the end? The often overlooked Call To Action!

If consistent quality tailored content is the first thing to remember for inbound, having a great call to action is the last. Everything else fits in between. Always think “where is my reader going next?” This is known as the buyer’s journey. Let’s define our buyer, then provide them a road map to not only finding us, but to find out what’s distinct about us, and hence to buying our services.

Follow these steps to be sure your inbound campaign is working:

  1. Define your ideal client. Often your business will have several. Usually they are a CEO, CFO, CIO or COO. They have the purchasing authority to buy your services. Write content that speaks to them.
  2. Define how they will go from finding your to buying from you. A typical buyer journey goes something like this: they see and choose to read an interesting article you published on linkedIn, then follow your call to action and subscribe to your blog. A few blog posts down the road they follow another call to action and download a checklist. This generates an email from you offering a complimentary report on their IT competitiveness quotient. Now you get to show them how your MSP can give them a competitive advantage in their market. You just found a new customer.
  3. Create and distribute great content with blogs, emails, social posts, infographics, quality landing pages and a responsive website.
  4. Always have a call to action that moves the viewer along the journey as you defined it.


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