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In our continued chat with Paul Green, we learned even more about marketing your MSPs through a three-step process. Here’s how it works.

Step one: Build multiple audiences. 

Ultimately, you need people to talk to. The more people you have listening, the more likely your company will do well. Your basic audiences are your email and LinkedIn, meaning that those platforms should be given the most attention. 

Other audiences could include podcasts, social media platforms and a direct mailing list — all things that you should be implementing in order to have the biggest audience and the biggest impact.

Step two: Create a relationship with your audience. 

This relationship-building aspect is all about content. This content should include both education and entertainment in order to fully engage people. When we talk about educating people, it’s best to not get too technical — more low-level stuff that you can explain so any normal person can understand. This will help your audience view you as a helpful resource. 

In order to build up your audience, engage with them daily, weekly and monthly. Put out relevant social media content daily. Curate this content from the mindset and eyes of the consumer. Send out a weekly email to teach your audience something that they do not know that will help them learn. Create and send out a monthly newsletter, giving your audience something to physically hold, read and pass along. 

Another fun tip is to keep a dream 100 list. This list is the top 100 people you dream of working with that you actively engage and maintain relationships with. 

Step three: Commercialize your audience.

This step is mostly done over the phone. It can be done by either you or someone that you know who is warm, friendly and great with people. Pick up the phone and call all of the people who you engage with, either by email, social media, direct mail and more. This isn’t a sales tactic — it’s a chance to talk to people about what they love to chat about most: themselves. 

Human relationships are very important so using this three-step process will ensure you create and maintain great relationships with your audience and ensure success for your MSP. 

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