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Last episode we talked about "What is wrong with the MSP industry, that we don't treat people like people" which we will hit hard on next week.


Save the Day with Better Conversations


How do I help you achieve your goal as a person?

One of the issues we identify is that often in MSPs we think of ourselves as THE experts...period. We tend to think of the client network as "Our Network" and all decisions need to be our way or the highway because we know what is best. Well...there is a lot going on with businesses outside of the technology silo. Someone needs to align these areas of the business so they all work together.  So instead of seeing ourselves as THE experts, we should see ourselves as Subject Matter Experts contributing to a larger picture. We refer to this relatability as humanizing the IT role.

By Humanizing our role and seeing ourselves as an advisor to a business's objectives we give permission to ourselves to see our clients in light of their personality and humanity.  This completely changes the narrative instantly, so now you start asking better questions and coming up with better solutions.

Can't you just help me?

And that is the key. The client wants you to help them. How are you making their day better? Are you solving the problems facing the business? Or are you burying your client in processes in bureaucracy? Sometimes we can fix the printing problem at the moment and miss the bigger issue facing the company. So we need to ask our question,  "Is your process benefiting your client?"  

"Is your process benefiting your client when you look at the solutions or the best practices." - Bruce Sarte

Are you solving pain points for your client by migrating them to the latest solution?  How is their life going to be improved?  We need to be focused on how our processes and best practices are benefiting our clients.  It has to be more than just "They will be up to date".  Instead, look at the person sitting in front of you and ask yourself "How will their day be better?"

That is the difference of a Humanized approach to MSPs.  You are solving client problems rather than technology problems.  Tech is intended to improve the business processes that help a client function. 

"Are you resolving a painpoint for your client or yourself?"

This is a really great tip for MSPs.  Think about your recommendation to your client.  Who is it really helping at the end of the day? Identifying and resolving pain points for ourselves is easy,  we just think about what is causing issues for us.  Outdated windows installs,  old switches, drivetime, etc.  So we work hard on streamlining these issues. However, what are your client's pain points and how can you solve them?  Will this new laptop really help Sally's workflow?  Will that new firewall improve the business in some noticeable way?

When you start solving client problems with technology you end up with a client that will stay loyal because you get what they are trying to accomplish.  

Imagine if you could have the right clients that you enjoy going to every day where your work was meaningful and that's how you do it are if you resolve pain points. Think about your best clients everyone whether you're an MSP or a break-fix think about your best clients and your favorite people to interact with. Why are they that way? Because you have a relationship with them. You are relational. You've done things for them and they have done things for you and you have this great relationship. If you're going in there and they're not listening to you and you're not listening to them and if you follow Bruce's advice and you solve key problems for them and become relational with them your portfolio over time will start aligning with who you are. 

You're going to have one heck of a portfolio and these people will never leave you either, they trust you, and you're part of their family. They're not going to be looking at you as margin they're going to be looking at you as a value add to their company.

That's all accomplished through having better relationships through solving problems together rather than forcing each other through processes. If you force them through a process they're going to force you through a process. Rather if you relate to them, they're going to relate to you and that's how you treat your clients as humans.

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