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Today, we are tackling the question: how do you hire good engineers and other employees in today’s climate? With remote and hybrid positions vying for most people’s attention, what are some ways that you can entice people to choose your business?

You don’t just want a bunch of people in your office, you want a team. And, how do you build a team? By building relationships! A great way to hire people that will help build the team mentality is by taking referrals from your existing employees. You hired your employees for a reason and you trust them and their judgment. Why not let those trusted people bring your attention to people that they also trust and have existing relationships with. 

You employees might not refer people for free, but offering them a referral bonus would show the value of their opinion and ideas. Overall, bringing in people that your existing employees know is going to put you further doen the road and give you a much greater chance for success. 

Personal touch is also very important when gowing through the hiring process. If you are making your decision on who you want to hire, have the CEO or owner of your MSP company reach out to that person themselves. This will make the person you are hiring feel important, and that’s ultimately going to make them know they are a valuable member of your team. 

Like any job or position, engineers like to be treated well. Make an effort to do and say things that are going to boost their self-esteem and make them aware of their significance. 

It’s also important as a company to find things that set you apart from the competition and boast those aspects during an interview. If you’re a small business owner, talk about being an employee-driven company. Let them know that, by working for your company, they will make a difference, their opinion will be valued, they will get to work on a variety of cool projects and, ultimately, grow with your company. This goes along with engineers wanting to feel special. If you can highlight the special aspects of your business to relate to the interviewee, both your company and the new hire will win. 

If you want people to talk about your business, give interviewees something to talk about. If your company has a really nice espresso machine or a wall full of candy dispensers, let people being interviewed know about those things. Take them to see it on a tour of your office and talk about how much your employees love those things. 

This ties into work culture. People are not just looking for a place to earn money, they are looking for a group of people that they can get along with and feel supported by. Create a culture where people enjoy coming to work and make the workplace more enticing than their home. 

The last aspect that will allow you to find the best people for your business is good branding. We know this is not the first thing that you think about when it comes to your hiring process, but it is super important. It creates awareness and presence without the need to explain what your company is. Being recognizable among your area will bring the right people to you. 

Become an employer of choice by following these tips and you will see your current employees become a lot happier, more people applying for your jobs and a high quality group of people coming in to make your company even better.

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Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/2NHRRDl Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3AyHCUd

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