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I have long been a huge podcast fan. I listen when I drive, hike or while working out, but I had trouble finding something great to share with our MSP community. I told this to Adam Walter about a year ago and he took up the challenge. Now after hearing the 7th episode of his Humanize IT podcast, I decided to put out this blog for our audience to make sure the word got out. I love this new voice and narrative about how to differentiate, how to serve and how to run an MSP of the future. He has been interviewing the most forward thinking MSP leaders about how to make IT more human, how to drive great conversations and how to deliver business value to clients.

Check out the latest episodes here. Thanks to Adam for doing this for the community!

Based on Wikipedia Humanize means to "make (something) more humane or civilized." The main concept of the Humanize IT podcast is to bridge the gap between business and technology — a fun, educational podcast that will keep you relevant, maximize your value and help your clients see you as a trusted partner. In each episode, hosts Adam Walter, Skip Ziegler and other industry experts will show business owners, technology professionals and problem-solvers how to excel their careers with a new, more conversation-based approach to IT!


Tales From Around the World: South Africa

In this episode, they kick off the "Tales From Around the World" series.  This first episode features Richard Bauer, an engineer from South Africa's own Cape Town.  We hear about how they are being affected and some of the positive items they are seeing. From homemade pineapple beer to remote work strategies, we cover it all. Richard is a client of ours and a very forward thinking guy.


Not Another Tool

Tools allow us to either fix things more quickly or, if used incorrectly, break things in epic new ways. Bob Mohr joins them for a lively conversation regarding all the tools we amass over time.  Whether you're a plumber or a technician, we all have tools we trust, and there are always new tools emerging that we must adapt to and integrate along the way. Bob is one of the mastermind behind our vCIO programs.


Distributed Workforce

As a business owner, you may be left wondering how to stay productive when your staff is working in different environments.  This episode will help you manage a distributed workforce. And, don't miss our most hilarious Fail of the Week yet!



In this episode, they dive in and discuss the effects of disaster recovery and business continuity facing us today. With the current COVID situation, this is a particularly poignant topic, They'll help you overcome and adapt to changes so you can thrive during this time. 


In this hard-hitting episode, we talk through how you can ruin a perfectly good idea by not being prepared and give you strategies to avoid this situation. I was the guest of this Podcast and man... it was a hard lesson when we prematurely scaled our MSP back. It still hurts.



 As a professional, it's your responsibility to not only deliver value, but communicate it, as well. If you don't take charge of your communication channels, you'll likely walk into a trap where you and your clients have differing expectations of each other. This podcast will help you ensure everyone is on the same page. 

 Problems of the past

As business professionals, we often get so caught up in the latest and greatest technology that we forget how far we've come. In this entertaining blast-from-the-past episode, we talk about problems from a bygone era — the days of countless floppy disks and crazy hardware. No matter how advanced technology gets, it's always good to remember where we started. 

Listen, subscribe and engage and again thanks for Adam, Skip and the Virtual-C team to made it happen!

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