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Virtual C and Managed Services Platform have been working together to create tools to increase customer success since 2017. Together we have created a turnkey product line with all the tools, templates, coaching and resources necessary for success. These all form the battle-tested Humanize IT framework that many of you are familiar with

This merger will help the MSP community address the increased pressure of staying competitive through client engagement and demonstrating strategic value to clients. 

You might be asking one big question: what is the goal of this merger?

The goal is to enable MSPs of all sizes to work less and achieve higher client engagement through one seamless solution. This will help give more streamlined help and allow us to serve you better.

One thing this pandemic has made clear is that MSPs can no longer wait to improve their client engagement, QBRs and IT strategy processes. MSPs now know the need to demonstrate their value to clients and standardize their technology stack in order to stay competitive.

MSPs often lack clear direction, knowledge, resources and time to make this a reality. That results in price pressure, client churn and lost profitability.

Managed Services Platform has developed one of the most advanced software tool sets for vCIOs and Account Managers. They enable MSPs to engage clients, differentiate from competition and help standardize their operation. Humanize IT has been a partner with Managed Services Platform since 2017, providing coaching, consultation, templates, reports and community in order to implement vCIO and Account Management best practices on the platform. 

This is an exciting announcement that will allow all around better and more efficient use for you! Check back at our blog for more information about this merger in the coming weeks or for further questions email us.


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