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Managed Services Platform's vCIO community has been growing year by year since 2014. In fact, we are most likely now the largest active vCIO community in the world with more than 600 members. With this news, we have decided to create a short report regarding how we typically see our vCIO members across the globe.

This community’s largest attribute is the language composition where more than 98% of our vCIOs are from any of the English-speaking countries around the world: 58% are from the United States, 10% are from Australia, and 8% are from Canada, while the rest are from the UK, New Zealand, and South Africa. 





The most active vCIO movement is in the Eastern coast of the U.S. These numbers extend from New York, North Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee; however, there are two other states, Texas and Washington State, where the movement is growing most rapidly.

Managed Services Platform vCIO commuity

Other typical attributes from our community members are their unabashed professional and academic experiences. It has been confirmed that the vast majority of our vCIOs have university degrees and have each amassed more than 10 years of experience. More than 80% of them share these attributes.

The single largest essential trait for a vCIO is their IT prowess (50%). However, sales, IT consultancy, process and business development planning are also significant skills of their expertise. Interestingly, 8% of these vCIOs themselves are MSP entrepreneurs in their off-duty time.

Their offerings come from the fact that most of them are entrepreneurs in their own right, with most of their active companies coming from small businesses with 1-5 employees (This equates to about 15% of them) and 5-25 employees (48%). Many times their efforts, unfortunately, are in vain because the owner(s) are neither often able to delegate the vCIO role nor do they have enough time to fulfill that role themselves.

MSP sizes hiring vCIOs

The other typical problem is that they try to implement the vCIO service quickly without any previous development training. They then continue a technical conversation with their clients without any business and strategic purposes. If a vCIO cannot deliver an engaging and recurring business consultancy in a determinate time, they will lose the profitability of these vCIO services. Ultimately, clients will keep looking at them as an IT technician and not as an executive-level business advisor.

Middle-sized MSPs with 25-50 employees already have dedicated vCIOs and can deliver profitable vCIO services while providing a valuable business consultancy. But based on our experience, the most successful MSPs with vCIO services are large-sized companies with more than 50 employees. These organizations can dedicate enough resources to scale their vCIO program and establish their own service definition, processes and best practices.

Most of our MSP members in the community with vCIOs typically have client sizes with 25-200 employees and offer between 10 and 20  services, most of which are related to the core IT infrastructure.

What this means is that although the core IT Infrastructure services and project revenues decrease constantly, cloud-centric and advanced security service revenues grow in their place. It should be noted that smaller MSPs usually deliver these services through outsourcing or assistance from an MSSP or CCSP partner. In order to develop these transformations internally for MSPs, we have launched our “Build a Better MSP” expert guide program with a wide range of building business solutions for the SMB space.  New services, like cybersecurity, identity management, EOS, cloud-centric solutions, are now all integrated, providing easy access for MSPs to learn and develop.

So who is a typical and successful vCIO based on what we see? vCIOs are dedicated professionals in a mid-sized MSP. They always have strong technology and consultative backgrounds as technical account managers. They tend to be systematic and process-oriented thinkers. They feel comfortable talking with small to medium size business executives. And last but not least, they understand how to put technological solutions into a business solutions context.

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If you currently do not have vCIO services, but still intend to implement them in the future, we will be able to support your efforts with an exclusive coaching package and our client meeting report tool as well. 


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