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This week’s episode could be called “Take Care of Yourself, For the Love of God!!” That being said, we decided to focus on the problem that is not talked about very often in the IT world but is very important and prevalent. That issue is exercise and eating right. 

If you are an IT professional, you most likely spend the majority of your time at work sitting down, slouched and sunken down into a comfortable position in your swivel chair. This is great for getting lots of work done, but your body and mind are most likely suffering. 

Getting up and moving around is so important and there are lots of good ways to do that while still getting stuff done. Some of these methods include desk cycles, walking desks and taking the stairs to your office or workspace. Also, take the time to get up from your desk or office and walk around. These tools and methods may seem inconvenient or distracting, but they will help so much in the long run.

You might have also gotten into the habit of sitting at work for long hours and returning home simply to sit down and game or watch T.V. meaning you would be sitting basically the entire day. 

Now, if you work from home, this is all much harder to accomplish. You most likely have gotten into the habit of sitting for longer than normal due to a lack of getting up for meetings or to visit with someone in the office. You will have to input routines in place in order to avoid sitting for too long during the day. 

Start including a workout routine into your daily routine and watch it become easier to get up and get active the longer you exercise. It takes about six months for routines to set in, meaning that it won’t be an overnight fix.

The other aspect of taking care of yourself is choosing healthy food options throughout your day. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat a salad for every meal! Just substitute overly processed and sugary foods for better-for-you meals and snacks. 

It is very easy to grab meals and snacks with the goal to feel full quickly, no matter how the food makes you feel. Pop-Tarts, Doritos, Burger King, etc. This becomes especially difficult if you travel for the majority of your job. On-the-road snacks and quick meals are fun, but don’t do your body any justice. 

Getting a good breakfast under your belt will set your day up for success and allow you the energy you need to continue making health-conscious decisions. 

When you get proper exercise and eat healthily, you will have the energy and control over your body in order to excel at your job. So, take the stairs and eat a good meal and start feeling great! 

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