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Caleb Christopher

Caleb Christopher

Caleb worked at an MSP who wanted to build a security program. He felt the frustrations of needing to develop an education program to help clients understand cyber security and their need to do something about it, needing to choose the right cyber security tools, train-up or staff-up for security, and mobilize a salesforce and technical team around a cyber security program offering. Caleb was a Director of Technical Operations at a cyber security firm, managing a penetration testing team, vulnerability assessments, and conducting consultative executive summary briefings with customers. He’s authored articles in BoardRoom Magazine, is a regular speaker at regional IT and Information Security conferences, and is an active member of the local information security community. He believes the SMB market is very underserved with regard to affordable security services and education, and believes MSPs want to help. He used to work at an MSP and saw the struggle from within and in conversation with other MSPs. Many agree there is a moral imperative to introduce security to their customers, but don’t know where to start, don’t have time, or can’t afford to stand up security services internally. So Caleb started Infosec Consulting to be a security practice enabling SMB-focused MSPs to deliver cyber security services to their clients. He’s held positions such as Director of IT at a midsize business and Director of Technical Operations at a NIST cyber security assessments firm, and worked at an MSP to build a security program. Caleb’s passion for security drives him to be active in the community, so he speaks regularly for local business events and at regional IT and information security conferences. He’s also been published in BoardRoom Magazine on the topic of cyber security and was a guest speaker on Auvik’s FranklyMSP podcast.

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The 4 Steps of Successful Cyber Security Service Monetization

By Caleb Christopher on Aug 15, 2019

In my observation, previously working for an managed service provider and now with MSPs: for some, monetizing security is an elusive goal that seems to be reserved for those who already have connections, experience, and the right customers. Why?

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