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Want to know a great way to relax and become more creative? Read! That’s right, today we’re talking about the all-important topic of books. Let’s get on the same page, shall we?

If you’re being honest with yourself, you probably try to impress people with the books that you read. We are constantly recommending and talking about the books that we want people to think we read rather than talking about the books that we actually enjoy.

As a business professional, you do business strategy all day, every day. When you get home, do you really want to read more about business theory or strategy? You probably want to read something that is going to relax and entertain you.

It’s really important to find time to let your brain relax. This allows creativity to sprout and great ideas to happen. If you are constantly thinking and struggling with how to be a better business professional, you will probably feel burnt out and tired. One of the beauties of reading fiction is that the creative sections of your brain get activated because you have to think about things that are impossible. You open your mind up to things that are so different than the every day.

Reading any book is beneficial and helpful, but some books are more helpful than others. You may feel like reading the latest-and-greatest business book will help you become better at your job when really, it just adds to your list of ideas that you have to implement. What if you’re not allowing yourself the creative space to actually create meaningful change and implement ideas because you have too many ideas to begin with. If you are constantly reading about different theories and constantly wanting to implement them, you will never be able to actually creatively and effectively make those implementations work. If your brain is just tired and too full, you‘re not going to actually be able to put any of those ideas into practice.

Reading fiction allows you to relax without adding more things to your pile of work stuff. The whole point is to fill your mind with positive things — allow yourself to truly relax.

Sometimes, you can read books that help you see things more clearly. Books can explain concepts and ideas in a way that you can better understand. So, don’t think that you can’t read non-fiction. Just make sure that you are actually enjoying the book and getting effective insight that will help instead of hurt.

If you already have so many business ideas but haven’t implemented them, there are books that can provide you with the motivation to implement those ideas. Maybe all you need is a push!

Ultimately, reading should be relaxing and beneficial. The best part of reading is expanding your knowledge in a productive way and gaining new perspectives based on the writer’s experience. We often read about things that we like, but we should also read stuff that we’re not as familiar with. Get out of your comfort zone and find a new genre. Do you like sci-fi? Try reading a romance novel! If you love autobiographies, try a western! Just read something that will expand your horizons, give you beneficial perspectives and help you relax.

Happy reading!

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