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3 min read

Compliance for Engineers - Part 2

By Adam Walter on Oct 31, 2022

We’ve talked about what you are doing wrong when it comes to compliance and why you should care, so now it’s time to talk about how an MSP can benefit from this important piece of the engineering puzzle.

People process technology. Getting all the right people in place can be a struggle, but partnering with compliance experts will help to bring forward the compliance regulations that your clients need. These compliance organizations are able to walk you and your client through an evaluation process that will help the client to better understand where they stand. They’ll know where your client is doing well and where they’re struggling, which is beneficial to you as an MSP; you can build project work out of the areas where they need help.

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2 min read

Compliance for Engineers - Part 1

By Adam Walter on Oct 24, 2022

Why should you care about compliance? Tim, who helped develop the SAS application Polygon, joins us this week to discuss compliance for engineers and why it matters. Polygon is shaping the future of policy processing management by helping MSPs streamline the policy process.

To understand why you should care about compliance, it helps to really know what compliance is. Essentially, it is adhering to some standard. In the technology world, there are Risk Management Frameworks (RMFs) that are used as a compliance standard to adhere to. You could compare it to quality control, or the referee of cybersecurity. This “referee” is helping guide you through the rules that you and the client should adhere to in order to avoid the ramifications and consequences that could follow.

Topics: IT Security compliance
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