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It was a really engaging talk with Steve Rutkovitz CEO of Choice CyberSecurity. He is a very successful MSP practitioner specializing in IT Security and Compliance.

We were talking about MSP challenges, strategies, IT consultative sales processes, IT security and compliance opportunities and partnerships, and I learned the following:


Generate client engagement

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  • there are surprising similarities between the mainframe to PC era shift and the PC to Cloud era shift
  • To become a successful MSP one of the most important traits is having best-in-class partners
  • When you move up streams, you have to make sure you are able to manage management type people
  • You have to develop a solid marketing / sales engine to teach your clients and prospects
  • The Challenger sales is a great way to leverage the natural teacher inside IT managed services providers
  • You can sell NIST Cyber Security and Compliance solutions without doing the delivery side
  • The business model of selling IT security solutions through a partner
  • The best foot-in-the-door tips and tricks to get front of CEOs
  • The complete MSP sales process from “access to address” that maintains the IT security issues
  • The natural advisory mindset of IT companies and the potential contained within


Thanks to Steve Rutkovitz for the wisdom and the honest, straightforward answers. I believe his thoughts could help IT managed services providers in any size and any maturity. You can bet this won’t be our last discussion with him.


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