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If you’ve ever walked into a room, gave a lecture and then walked out and wondered why no one bought your product, this one is for you. 

Here at Humanize IT, our motto is conversations, not presentations. If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ve probably heard us talk about that a ton — and, for a good reason! We want you to have the best conversations with clients, and that means it’s time to get rid of PowerPoint. 

First things first, you have to get out of the mindset that presentations have to be information overload. Your meetings should be all about the technology that you’re hoping to implement or the solutions that you find. These conversations have to be about what the client needs and how to get there. Your client most likely doesn’t care what type of technology you’re selling them, they just want to know how it’s going to help them and what the outcome of that tech is going to be. 

So, if you’re going into a meeting and starting with all the talk about tech, you’re going to lose people’s focus. Instead, start by asking a question and engaging with your audience. The best way to have a successful meeting is to ditch PowerPoint and craft a conversation to accomplish your goals. 

Think about a car salesman. When you go to a car lot, you’re not instantly bombarded with presentations and spreadsheets about car performance. The car salesperson generally asks you about what you’re looking for in a vehicle, what you like to do for fun, they ask about your family — ultimately, they get to know you more personally. Then, when all the personal information is grabbed and the relationship is set, they show you the vehicles that they think might work best for you and your needs.

That’s the best way to have a meeting as an MSP, as well. Go in and get to know your clients, find out what they need and why and then, at the very end, go through your solutions that you have come to a conclusion on. Your clients want to feel seen and they want their situation to be understood and these types of meetings will be the best way for them to feel that. 

Now, don’t just go into a meeting completely unprepared. It is best to come with a framework for what you will be talking about as well as some way to collect notes on what your client is saying. This will keep the conversation on point and allow your client to know that you are understanding and taking into consideration what they are saying. 

In order to see success in meetings, you must have conversations with your clients and get rid of the PowerPoint. That way, you leave room for your client to talk and that is what will sell.

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