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The new year is coming and we are starting it off with new content! In the new year, we really want to focus our attention on MSPs because some people don’t even know what MSPs do and how they can help a business grow. We’re going to provide tons of MSP-related content — here’s a sneak peek into what 2022 will bring!

Who MSPs are and what they do

We will dive into who came up with the term Managed Service Provider and how the position has developed into what it is today. Managed Service Providers developed due to a need for businesses to see how critical technology is for their business and needing a better way to manage it all and provide stability. We will also discuss how MSPs can help businesses, no matter what type of products or services you offer. 

How to choose a good MSP

This ones for you, business owners! If you’ve been wondering how to actually go about finding the right MSP for your business, we will help you figure out the necessary steps to finding the perfect solution for technology management. 

How does an MSP find good clients

Not all business is good business. With that in mind, we’ll show you how to have the best experience with your clients. You definitely don’t want to work with difficult clients, so we’ll point out red flags to stay away from and how to attract the people and companies that you really want to work with. 

How to match up what is actually important to a business

Every business is a snowflake — completely unique from the next. As an MSP, you have to be aware of that fact and run your services accordingly. We’ll give you tips and tricks to gage what your client needs in order to best align with them and provide as much value as possible. 

These are just a few of our topics that we will be diving into in 2022 — get excited about everything that is to come! Our main goal is to be a resource for you, whether you’re an MSP or a business professional. The businesses that have ended up on top have learned to use technology in new and exciting ways so they are able to outperform their competitors and provide an amazing product — we’ll help businesses get there!

We’ve got something for everyone! If you’re a business professional, we’ll help you align with your MSP. If you’re an MSP, we’ll help you learn to align with your clients to get them to stick around and have the best possible relationship with them. We’re excited for 2022!

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