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The narrative is about to change now. With the recession coming only high-value and proven partnerships are going to last. All fat is going to be on the chopping block. High-value strategic relationships with technology providers will be critical for all organizations. In this blog I teamed up with Rich Anderson to probe some thoughts on the opportunities and conduct a practical walkthrough with inspiration on how to actually do it.


1. What are the opportunities?

This crisis has been demonstrating to executives worldwide how technology readiness, agility and remote work are key to business. The expectation for service providers is shifting quickly from "give us computers to work from home" to "help our people adopt applications quicker, be more tech savvy and grow a culture of ready remote work." Here are some tips to transition to the high-value partner model as quickly as possible!


  • How to shine as an MSP during the crisis
  • Why adoption of technologies is now a must for clients now
  • How to take credit if your clients were prepared
  • Why IT can be again a visible and important business resource in the future
  • How to show a plan and become a guide of clients
  • How to redefine the narrative and become a business advisor
  • How to communicate with different types of clients through the crises
  • How to flatten the curve internally to cope with the overload of work
  • How to become a coach, mentor and guide
  • What is the role of leadership
  • How to create a contingency plan for your MSP


2. How to make this happen?

Epic effort came from our team, members and Virtual-C to make this COVID-19 Remote Work a reality. Rich is sharing his process and thoughts on how to take leadership and clarify communication with the COVID-19 Remote Work Readiness Self Assessment Grader and Audit Report.

  • How to generate a mini questionnaire to gather input from clients and prospects quickly
  • How to qualify clients to run an in depth audit to create a technology roadmap to make them ready for remote work
  • What are the key points of the readiness assessments?
  • How to gather input and evidence from your tech team
  • How to gather input and evidence from their users to strengthen your case
  • How to fill the project roadmap with valuable projects


My Conclusion:

This is the time not to brake, but to push the pedal to the metal. Let's seize this opportunity! In spite of the current unprecedented stresses this is your time to shine and lead your clients through the crisis.

If you are able to assess your client's current position, communicate that effectively, then generate a vision and plan for them to move into the future, then you are recession-proof, and your business can only come out of all this stronger!

Become a Trusted Advisor

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