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How to Do I Get Visitors to Engage with My Website?

I mentioned this in my last Blog post. We live in a very “noisy” world and we need to grab their attention in less than a couple of seconds.

This is true for our website too. People don’t read website content any longer. When someone lands on your homepage they will start skimming the page very quickly to decide if they want to spend more time diving deeper.

How to Create a Highly Converting Website Using Story Recorded Webinar

“But, they went to my page because we met at a networking event!”

It doesn’t matter.

You have 5-8 seconds to capture their attention. Studies have shown that on a computer web browser people scan the webpage in a Z pattern. Left to right across the top, then down to the lower left and across the bottom of the page before they start scrolling down. We call this area before they scroll down “above the fold” which is an old newspaper term.


So, how do we grab their attention?

When they land on the homepage we have to instantly answer three questions…

  1. What is the big problem you solve?
  2. What will my life look like after I buy your product or service?
  3. How do I buy? or What is the first step in the sales process.

Once we have them hooked and our visitor decides to scroll down we need to tell a story.

Not our story or the story of our company. We need to invite them into their story. A story of transformation.

One of the best ways to create your customer’s story of transformation is to use the StoryBrand methodology as described in Donald Miller’s book “Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen”. As a StoryBrand Guide I help MSPs implement the StoryBrand methodology to attract their ideal clients, get more meetings, and grow their business.

During this session I will provide a blueprint for creating a highly converting website homepage. He will share best practices on how to implement the recommendations from the great book, “Building a StoryBrand”. 

I will also provide live feedback and improvement recommendations for attendee’s websites during the webinar.

So, make sure you register here and be ready to get feedback on your website.

How to Create a Highly Converting Website Using Story

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