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Happy Holidays from Humanize IT!

People in the IT industry treat the holidays a little differently than everyone else. Some really look forward to the break from the office and the time they get to spend with their families. Others see it as a great opportunity to earn overtime pay while they catch up or get ahead on important projects. And, of course, there are those who look at the upcoming holiday break on the calendar, and think to themselves…man, this is going to be rough. Whether they’re going to be working through the holiday to keep the system running or the time away from the office may potentially make the following week a little more stressful, those of us in IT completely understand that feeling – we’ve all been there.


Save the Day with Better Conversations
We just celebrated Thanksgiving in the United States. Thanksgiving is easily one of my favorite holidays, and for more reasons than the feast I get to enjoy with my family. It’s a perfect opportunity to get work done. Have you ever been in the office over a holiday break? If you have, then you know it’s a wonderland. First off – there’s candy everywhere. You can’t complain about that. Secondly, no one is there to bother you. There’s no one knocking on your office door, the phone isn’t ringing, and there’s a quietness throughout the building that you likely won’t get again until the next holiday break. What’s not to love about that?

It’s great to actually spend your holiday at home, too – most of the time. How about the technicians and engineers who wish they were in the office over the holidays, but instead are going on day four of being stuck inside the house with the in-laws? We’ve come up with the perfect solution to keep you from going stir-crazy. Humanize IT proposes a partnership with our friends over at AlertOps to create a software that sends out a fake system failure notification, giving you the perfect excuse to slip away from the family gathering for a bit. It doesn’t exist right now, but maybe if the demand is there…

Let’s also remember that there are many in IT that are working over the holiday break to ensure systems are kept running smoothly. We know it’s challenging work and can even be chaotic at times. We all tip our hats to you for putting in the overtime hours that are essential to this industry. Not everyone wants to do it. However, countless people and businesses benefit from your dedication to the job, and for that, we say thanks!

No matter how you spend your holidays this season, we wish you the merriest time with those you love (whether that’s your family or your IT equipment).


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