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Last week, we discussed pentesting and why it’s important. This week, we are going to dive into how MSPs can utilize automated pentesting to generate higher profit margins.

Pentests have never been so accessible in terms of a price point and turnaround times, making it a valuable tool to add to your security tech stack as an MSP. However, you’re already as busy as it is - despite the revenue that an automated pentest can generate, you just don’t have the time to implement it into your offerings.

This is where a third-party consulting firm comes into the picture. They will advance your security stack to include pentesting, which ultimately attracts businesses who are interested in improving their uptime.
Some MSPs use automated pentesting as a prospecting tool. They’ll reach out to clients and emphasize their ability to do what others can’t in order to ensure that the client’s tech stack is secure. When a business knows that their tech stack is secure, they can end the day without worry of a vulnerability attacking and shutting down their system for a period of time - thus ensuring consistent business uptime.

Value is found not only in this assurance, but also when the results of the pentest show vulnerabilities within the system. Unlike a vulnerability assessment that shows simply the “red flags” of your system, the pentest will demonstrate the risks your business faces if those vulnerabilities are not remediated. Business owners should not only be aware of exploits within their system, but know the risk that comes with them.

Thankfully, risk is something that your client will already understand. They don’t have to understand all of the language that is behind the risk a vulnerability places on the system - they just know that it’s dangerous and is something to take seriously. This is why a pentest offers so much more value to the client than a vulnerability assessment. A vulnerability assessment focuses more on the security of the system - something that your client may not have a good understanding of - whereas the pentest paints a clear picture of the risk a business is facing.

We have reached a point with technology and networks that it’s not the question of “if,” it’s the question of “when.” Hackers are everywhere, and it’s crucial to stay ahead by ensuring that your system is protected. With automated pentests now available, businesses can be aware of any risks their system faces and take care of exploits before they become a critical issue.

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