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Are you struggling to sell Managed Services?

If you are struggling to sell services, don't worry, you are not alone. MSPs of all sizes are feeling the pinch when it comes to sales, so this struggle is not exclusive to you. 

Factors such as increases in competition, frugal clients, poor product positioning, diminishing referrals and lack of overall strategy, cumulatively contribute to a continual decline in sales.

Leads are at an all time low and the cost of generating leads is at an all time high. In light of this, it is more important than ever to utilize ways to set yourself apart from the crowd, secure your role as an industry expert and thus, gain credibility from existing and future clients.

5 keys to generate, qualify and close more sales

With referrals being fewer, and certainly further in between, it is increasingly harder to grow your business with any sort of consistency. And, SMBs are bombarded with sales and marketing messages from IT companies every day, making it increasingly difficult for you to land meetings with qualified companies.

This makes it imperative that you find a way to stand out from the competition and find a way to convert leads into clients. If you look like the current IT provider or, just like every other MSP out there, with similar service offerings, you are virtually giving the prospect a reason to buy on price. 

If you want to put an end to the dreaded ‘Lead-Proposal-Closed Lost’ cycle you will need to become more effective at creating the vision of a higher value experience and demonstrate you have the ability to deliver that experience.

Does this sound like you?

"We'll be just fine once we find a way to get in front of more prospects." While this sounds logical, nothing could be further from the truth. Even referrals do not have the high close ratios which we came to expect for so long. And, leads generated by your own efforts are much more skeptical, with the industry average close ratio well below 30%. Because of this you must have a strategy and a process that sets you up for success.





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