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Testing, testing. One, two, three. Can you hear us clearly? Today, we’re tackling the topic of good and bad audio and how it can make all the difference in your interactions with people online.

People underestimate the importance of a great audio setup. If your audio is bad and warbled or choppy and hard to hear, people will tune out or stop listening completely. This is obviously not good for any circumstance, especially now that working from home and virtual meetings and conferences are here to stay.

Here at Humanize IT, we always stress the importance of conversations. These conversations are not just happening in person. If you are not able to talk to your current or prospective clients with clear and easy-to-hear audio, then you are missing out on how great those conversations could be. It’s truly doing a disservice to both you and your clients.

People are judging you based on what they are hearing and good audio will convince people that you are genuine in what you are saying. It will increase your engagement and make the conversations flow much easier.

Now, your audio doesn’t have to be perfect. Of course, you will not always be able to control the street noise or the neighbor’s lawn mower. But, if you have a good microphone and sound quality, then those other noises will not distract or be a big deal.

Again, your audio doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be the main focus. If you are only able to get one thing out of this blog or podcast episode, let it be this: start with audio. You can have the nicest computer and the most up-to-date video equipment, but if you don’t have good audio, none of that will matter. If you start with a good audio setup, then everything will fall into place. Even if your video is awful, the audio will save it. Now, don’t get us wrong, video is important. But, it’s just not as important as audio.

To have a good audio setup, you don’t have to spend a fortune. You definitely could, but you can have great equipment without spending a ton. You want to find a mic that will make you sound great so that your conversations will go smoothly. Ultimately, you should spend an amount that is dependent on how much you will use your audio.

It doesn’t take much, just be intentional. The amount that you spend will be paid back in quality. The bar is very low when it comes to audio, just get what makes sense for yourself. Try carving out an amount ahead of time so that you can prepare to spend it on equipment. Also, you spend a lot on your computer and maybe on other types of equipment, so why instead spend it on an audio setup that will last a really long time.

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