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You might have heard of Meta and the Metaverse, but do you really know what it is? Unless you’re someone who has done your research into NFTs and cryptocurrency and has a good grasp on all things Metaverse, then you might be needing a debriefing on what it could mean for you and your business. Although we’re not experts in all things Meta, we can help you have a base-level understanding. So, let’s dive in!

Basically, the whole concept is an evolution of a digital platform. Like Facebook or Linkedin, all technology is constantly evolving and expanding and the Metaverse is a great example of that. 

Although it’s a confusing topic, Ready Player One paints a beautiful picture of what the Metaverse could look like, if done correctly. 

Ultimately, Meta is not about games. It’s a world where borders no longer matter. In the Ready Player One Metaverse, the entire world is a rubix cube and it is divided into sectors. Each sector has its own rules and purposes. For example, one sector allows you to do magic while another is strictly strategy and mathematics. The Metaverse could potentially take our imagination and make it a reality. 

If we did school in the Metaverse, there could be classrooms where students could learn without fear of being bullied. Or, when learning about Russia, students could virtually travel to Russia and learn first-hand what the teacher is discussing. 

Say you’re running a global company and you wish to have a meeting with your entire team, you can have everyone virtually work together as if they were in the same place. The Metaverse is offering the ability to comfortably work in person without having to leave your house. 

Another positive factor of this evolving technology is the ability for immune-compromised or disabled people to fully be a part of society without discomfort or fear. Meta opens up the world to everyone. 

This all might sound very far-fetched and out there, but we’re not that far away from having this technology become a part of our day-to-day. We’re not just talking about crazy sci-fi theories, we’re talking about being able to solve real problems with accessible technology. We predict that, within the next 10 years, we will see the Metaverse become available. The problem is, you currently have to wear a big, clunky headset. This technology is going to take off once the equipment is less intrusive. Imagine, being able to tap your eyeglasses and enter a world that is fully digital and accessible to all.

Currently, the only category that is really pushing for this development is the entertainment industry. But, if businesses can see how much could be learned from getting to interact and use this technology to train, develop and connect their employees — Or if schools could see the value in a more efficient online learning opportunity, then the Metaverse will truly take off. 

This technology is coming whether we’re ready or not! The best thing you can do is prepare and learn this new technology. 

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