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Becoming a world class Strategic Technology provider has never been easier. However, to accomplish this you need to have the right tools, mindset and training.


The Problem


No one likes complex product lines. We want to buy a product that solves the problem rather than trying to understand the nuances of licencing.  Ya...I am looking at you Microsoft. Seriously, the number of times I have run into licensing issues with MS in my career...That is why I was so happy when SaaS solutions started coming around. One monthly fee and you get access, that's it. This allows you to run forward with your clients at full speed without roadblocks.


Unfortunately, with Managed Services Platform and Virtual C being separate companies with separate solutions that relied on each other this made things complex. We had the bloat issue Denes talked about in last week’s blog “Integrated Seamless Solution”. Not only did you have to think about which MSPL product fit best, you also had to decide if the HIT framework and vCIO templates were right for your business model. 


The Solution


With the merger one of the biggest motivators was to have one integrated seamless solution. With that came simplified product lines  There are, no longer any complex add on software packages and no complications with who you need to talk to to get support. .  


Simply find the package that fits your business model and go. Each new package we roll out over the next few months will include the HIT framework as well as all templates generated by Virtual C and MSPL over the past 7 years. Everything you need to succeed today. The major difference between the packages going forward will be how much time you can dedicate to client management activities. 

  • Essentials Package: Is turnkey, no editing, fast and easy deployment so you can start changing the narrative immediately. 
  • Expert Package: Built for the busy MSP that is wanting to customize the look and feel of their reports, scorecards, and message. 
  • Elite Package: For MSPs that have a variety of clients,  this package will allow them to consistently meet with multiple clients and multiple account managers.
  • Enterprise Package: for the MSP who needs to do it all and manage large teams through the software.


Don't worry, all you existing members are grandfathered in, your existing packages will not change and you will be able to continue doing business as usual. 


Immediate benefits:

  • Humanize IT templates and coaching will be available in all new packages going forward.
  • MSPL Entrepreneur Package will be recrafted as a turnkey solution for $199/mo!
  • All Member questions will go through Member Success Department led by Skip Ziegler.
  • Humanize IT Framework staff training course available for continued education
  • Free quarterly vCIO success coaching to all who opt in to a new package


We hope that you see how this will help take your program to the next level. Simple, easy and effective so you can keep serving customers in your new capacity as a world class strategist and tech provider.

Merger Informational Webinar - Apr 22



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