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Thoughts from our Covid-19 Remote Work Readiness Webinars

We're certainly living in unprecedented times right now. With many businesses looking to stay productive while sending staff home to work, there's never been a time when technology has been so crucial to the economy. Now is the time for MSPs and IT Solutions Providers to leadership with technology solutions that will save their clients

COVID-19 Remote Work Readiness Self Assessment and Live Training

With the help of our Member Community and Virtual-C, we put together a few tools to help MSPs clearly articulate the value of their remote work technologies and support. We see it as 3 primary areas of focus:

  1. Effectively communicate with your clients that there are remote work solutions which will allow them to keep their businesses running.  This is done by auditing your clients current remote work readiness.
  2. Create an action plan, with clear deliverables and defined steps that both the clients and your team can understand and follow. This is done by creating a roadmap of projects for deployment.
  3. Manage your teams resources and triage clients needs using readiness self-assessments. This is done by letting clients answer a short survey to gather insights into their perceived needs so your team can focus on those in need. 

We hosted a couple of webinars and asked approximately 100 MSPs their thoughts on remote work readiness from their clients' perspective, and their own.  Here's what we learned. 

Remote work readiness poll2 Remote work readiness poll2

In looking at remote work readiness from the clients' perspective, MSPs were split between feeling their clients were unsure or feeling somewhat prepared with help.  

From the MSPs perspective, it was overwhelming that there is a great deal of work to do in getting the clients working remotely.  

IT will undoubtedly be an essential service throughout this difficult time. By uniting our communities and empowering businesses to survive, you will be the hero. 

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