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Humanize IT - The new face of Managed Services Platform

The landscape of your business will continue to shift and change throughout the years. You may find that the vision and mission you started with have morphed into something new. Any successful company knows that its business is constantly evolving. Change is to be expected.

In 2013, Managed Services Platform set out to deliver client success by creating a platform to empower operations through personal connections. Four years later, we partnered with Virtual C with the mission to help young companies navigate the sometimes tumultuous seas of running a business. Yes, there have been changes, but one aspect of our journey has remained consistent - humanizing the IT experience. Humanize IT.
When you meet with a client, your goal is not to burden them with a list of your services. Your goal should be to make a lasting impression. By connecting with clients on a personal level, customers will remember more than the services you provide. They remember you. Humanize IT believes in conversations, not presentations.

Our message and mission are clear in this next phase of metamorphosis. Humanize IT puts an emphasis on the human element, building to strengthen the connections we make in business. As an MSP, knowing the ins and outs of your client's industry is not your job. What is important is that you take the time to understand the goals they strive for and how you help them achieve success. This understanding doesn’t come from a spreadsheet, document or presentation. It comes from taking the time to build personal relationships and aligning your vision with those of your customers. It allows you both to get excited about your industries and sets a clear path for guidance. When your clients see your passion, they know that you’re invested. They understand the value you bring to the table and that your success depends on theirs. You’re not a vendor or a hired hand. You’re a partner.

Humanize IT is pointing the spotlight back at the customer and building relationships that can last decades. In the IT world, we often think of ourselves as fixers, not salespeople or HR representatives. But human connection is vital when setting yourself apart from the competition and leading your team to greater heights. Focus your time and energy on changing the IT industry's narrative. Humanize IT recognizes that all people are different. As a result, all businesses, even those in the same industry, are different. We understand that the pathway to nurturing a professional relationship is not a static plan. Approach and strategy have to shift depending on the customer. Just as you are required to be flexible with your clients, Humanize IT tailors our coaching to help you along the way.

Human - it’s a small word that carries a lot of weight. It’s what we are and connects us to one another. By acknowledging the human element in business, Humanize IT provides the tools and resources to turn technical presentations into meaningful experiences.

To find out more about Humanize IT, please visit humanizeit.biz.

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