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Drinks with IT is our series of episodes where IT professionals guest star on the podcast, we crack open a cold one and let the conversation flow naturally. Our goal with these chats is to let you be a fly on the wall during our conversations so you can get an idea of the types of things IT professionals talk and care about. 

Here are some things we talked about!

  • Types of Coffee ⇨ Whether your go-to drink includes a pot of coffee, french press or a trip to Starbucks, most people drink some form of coffee to start their day. Adam has always loved plain, black coffee, but Skip introduced him to a whole new world of coffee possibilities. 
  • Community ⇨ Having a coffee pot or machine creates community in your office or work space. It’s not just coffee, though! Having a stocked fridge with red bull, gatorade, tea or soda can be a great way to build up your office. 
  • Show You Care ⇨ As an employer, you have the amazing opportunity to treat your employees with the utmost care by doing small, simple things to make their days better. This might include keeping a fridge stocked with their favorite drinks or getting a good coffee pot. Bring in donuts every so often and create a space where people feel excited to come to work and do their job.
  • Litmus Test ⇨ Try this exercise at your next job interview to see if the work environment is healthy and if the employer or company takes care of its employees. Just ask for a cup of coffee and see what the response is. If you are handed a bitter cup of cheap coffee, it might not be the best place to work. If you are handed a hot cup of creamy coffee, maybe the employer has put a little extra money into taking care of the employees in the building. 

We loved chatting about these topics and more! Listen to this week’s episode of Humanize IT to get the full conversation. 

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