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There’s no arguing that interactive experiences are a lot more fun than just being handed a pre-canned report. The best meetings all share 1 inherent quality: They tell a story that the audience wants to participate in. Now you can structure an impressive, engaging client meeting and consolidate lots of great information in a relevant way using 3rd party applications.


Some of the innovative and successful ways we see our members use 3rd party applications:

  • Always have definite next steps setup with your client/prospect by setting your next appointment using Calendly or MS Bookings.
  • Review advanced budgeting spreadsheets in an interactive way.
  • Embed contracting documents for review
  • Customer satisfaction scores to be able to show actual end user feedback.
  • TypeForm and SurveyMonkey can allow you collect pinpointed information and share it.
  • Powerpoint lets you tell an even more interactive report while you leverage your vendor partner’s extensive marketing materials. Check out the free solution set from Info-Tech Research Group with 11 embeddable example powerpoint presentations.
  • The king of marketing...VIDEO! Record a personalized meeting summary with Soapbox, embed, and share your reports to your clients to really take the experience you offer to the next level.

Now you can structure an impressive, engaging client meeting and consolidate lots of great information in a relevant way.

Becoming a Strategic Partner with vCIO Projects

Use meeting themes to selectively change up the topics. Why not build out your reports so each quarter you review all the relevant projects and compliance issues, but have themes such as:

  • Q1: Backup & Disaster Recovery - embed your DR reports from Continuum or Datto here, then offer a lunch & learn around data management best practices
  • Q2: Policy & Compliance - Review security policies as embedded word or PDF documents. This is a great time to offer end user training to avoid ransomware and phishing exploits
  • Q3: Innovation & Learning - Show embedded videos from Microsoft so your clients can see the value of adopting these applications. Now you’re bringing real business value to drive productivity for your clients.
  • Q4: Budgeting and IT Strategy for the next year - take your client through a goal setting exercise to uncover their real business priorities using a 10 Points Spreadsheet or SWOT analysis.

Since you can build out your reports with all sorts of embedded applications to keep them fresh, each of your engagements will feel like a whole new kind of meeting that your clients will actually want to participate in.

Check out this shared, read only, interactive report with some examples of content you can embed.


Use the calendar booking app to schedule your 1-on-1 orientation and let us help you deliver a unique and powerful client experience.


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