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If you think technology strategy involves talking to your client about firewalls and server patching levels you are doing it wrong!

Technology is becoming a commodity. Just a few years ago you needed an engineer just to install wireless. Now anybody with a cheque book can order turnkey solutions from amazon and manage their entire technology stack from the cloud. Businesses need partners to help them compete, they don’t need to be more educated on the greatest next generation firewall.


Becoming a Strategic Partner with vCIO Projects


In this industry technology providers need to step up their game and offer strategy to their clients that takes technology to the next level.

To solve this problem Virtual C and Managed Services Platform partnered to create a vCIO solution set that contains all the tools necessary to take your MSP to the next level.



It isn’t complicated, it doesn’t require a MBA to implement, and you can start doing it today! This solution set provides the training material, services, marketing video, and automated report to engage on a whole new level. In less than an hour you will be equipped and have the confidence to deliver a product that will generate new services and projects for your company.

Become a strategic forerunner, implement strategic processes with your clients today!


Download the Guide

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