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Good news for you as a Managed Services Platform member! Unlike you, the majority of your MSP competitors are still

  • Not delivering consistent high impact QBRs to their clients, and let them wonder what they’re paying for
  • Not delivering visible business value, only trying to look like it
  • Not adopting new services such as cybersecurity, vCIO or Application Management
  • Not winning deals with profitable clients, only growing with low margins with a demanding client base

As a member of the Managed Services Platform, you’re way ahead. Let’s quickly review how you’ve been ahead of the curve in 2019 and how you’re going to be even more competitive next year.

Check out this quick summary of the updates in 2019 and what is coming in 2020!



The year of 2019 saw your team garner a slew of small incremental changes to grow your business. The following are the four growth opportunities we’ve helped to unlock:

  • Win more business by differentiating yourself from the competition with proper service design, management, and communication
  • Expand your clients by generating more project revenues with business roadmaps, strategic quarterly/tech reviews (QBRs), and better client meetings
  • Develop new services for added value with Cloud, Cybersecurity or vCIO by leveraging the Expert Guide community and the software solution
  • Create a more streamlined operation by structuring your client engagement into strong Technical Account Management, Account Management, and vCIO processes


10 ways you can implement new processes IN less time

These are the best practices you need to adopt to grow faster…

  1. Client Engagement Excellence Course and Masterclass
  2. Client Meeting Quickstarter Course
  3. Client Engagement Readiness Assessment, Action Plan and Customized Roadmap
  4. Weekly Live Training Sessions
  5. Brand new QBR Report and Recommendation Library
  6. Client Segmentation Tutorial with the Excel Tools
  7. Pre-built Client Playbooks for A, B, C, D Client Segments
  8. Pre-built Client Engagement Playbooks for Onboarding, At-Risk, and High-Value Sales Targets
  9. Video Channel for easier learning
  10. Email Onboarding Email Sequences

If you want to learn more how take less time to implement new services, schedule a quick call with us or download our FREE MSP growth guide

10 ways to save time executing client engagement activities

These are the main functions that enable you to prepare and execute meetings faster...

  1. Client Roadmaps with Connectwise Opportunity and Project Integration
  2. Technology Best Practice Automation and Tasks Library
  3. Management Dashboards for High-level Visibility
  4. Report Snapshot for progress demonstration and compliance
  5. Scorecards for reports
  6. Questionnaire for reports
  7. Template editing and updating for reports
  8. Client Engagement Score Planning and Management
  9. Client Engagement Activity Planning and Management
  10. Consolidated sections in reports for more versatile report building


10 ways we increased revenues from QBRs

These are the main functions that enable you to drive more revenues from client meetings…

  1. Interactive Report Sharing
  2. Client and Master IT Roadmaps
  3. Client and Master IT Budgets
  4. Roadmap Detail Widgets with Rich Texts
  5. Service Review Widgets with Rich Texts
  6. Office 365 Audit Templates and recommendation library
  7. Service Selector Widgets
  8. Video Embeds to reports
  9. Snapshots for reports
  10. Scoring widgets with dashboards


Become a Trusted Advisor



Over the next year these will be the main focus areas:

Software Features in Q1

We are releasing many new interesting features during the first quarter to achieve the following goals:

  • High-Level Client Engagement - The Client Dashboard helps you to provide a high-level executive overview to client decision-makers over many different reports. An overall score can show their Security Assessment, Office 365 Assessment, Technology Assessment or vCIO Strategy scores in one dashboard. You’re always able to demonstrate the value you bring, regardless of their size or maturity.
  • Executive Oversight - Managed Services Platform always attracts the most forward-thinking and innovative MSPs. These MSPs are growing and their leadership teams need more high-level information, like which clients aren’t adopting standards, forecasted project revenues for the next quarter, or which account managers are driving engagement. The new executive dashboards and email reports keep executives informed on their clients and employees.
  • Client Project Roadmaps - Client Project Roadmaps have been the most popular updates this year. We wanted to deliver further flexibility to customize the project templates with respect to clients. This way your team can farm typical projects based on templates and then customize the projects for each client, even with varying scope to match requirements. These projects can be synced to Connectwise to send quotations or start project delivery.
  • Account Management Productivity - Managed Service Platform does focus on the strategic side of the business, but after implementing the client engagement tools it still functions as a day-to-day operation tool for hundreds of account managers. With the new updates, you are able to sync your activities to your calendar, have an overview of your next activities on the dashboard and also communicate with your team about all your different activities. Do more with less time.


Member Success Management

The increased member count and the widened software requires more diligent Member Success operation with custom engagements for different members.

  • Software Weekly Live Training - Weekly Software Live Training sessions let your team to ask questions and solve problems in real time.
  • Software Peer Groups - For more advanced users of the platform, we provide peer groups to set goals, learn new functions and grow with support.
  • Weekly Roundup Emails - We help our members learn by curating the content of blogs, articles, software functions, and partner content into one weekly email roundup. 


Membership Programs

For many MSPs the bottleneck of growth is a lack of time. Our Expert Guide Partners have been busy developing membership programs to help grow MSPs with education, masterclasses, coaching, templates and custom engagements.

  • vCIO Excellence Membership Program - The program by Virtual-Chas has been launched with great success. New templates, content, masterclasses, and videos are being developed to help Technical Account Managers and vCIOs to stay relevant and offer more business value to clients.
  • Cybersecurity Excellence Membership Program - Infosec Consulting has been developing a program to develop, market, deliver and monetize high-value Cybersecurity programs. Pricing, packaging, service design, assessments and complete blueprints for launching successful Cybersecurity services.
  • Sales Excellence Membership Program - MSP Sales Pro is launching a very unique sales membership program to win new businesses. This is not an ordinary program that helps you make a website and generate social media buzz, but a comprehensive study of disruptive ways to access high-profile prospects with Cybersecurity and vCIO-led sales processes.
  • Info-Tech Research Group Membership Program - Info-Tech Research Group is the most advanced resource for business-focused IT service providers. They are expanding their offering for MSPs to let them move upstream and help them to stay relevant for maturing clients.



Managed Services Platform was always a community-driven effort. Next year we are putting more effort into the community portal for members to be able to access Expert Partners, Peers and share ideas and exchange information.

  • Integrated community engine on the portal with single-sign-on. Comments, reviews and discussions about courses, templates and solution sets.
  • Expert Partner-led private groups for facilitated conversations and access to coaches .
  • Private Peer Group Discussions in closed groups to work together on ideas, templates or to seek help from peers.
  • Software related discussions about feature requests, hacks, beta programs, and new templates.


What are your growth goals for the next year?

Generate more project revenues? Develop a new service you can monetize? Win new clients? Streamline your operation and become more profitable?

Let us know your priorities and we’ll make sure you’re headed in that specific direction!

Happy Growing New Year!

Become a Trusted Advisor

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